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RJ Higgison Computers is a personal computer manufacturing company that sells direct to you. We are also business partners with Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, HP so we can supply brand name top quality PC's as well.

Being smaller gives us certain advantages! We are more personalized, but most of all, we are able to give you more of what you really want - Value! We offer a variety of custom built to order notebook, laptop and desktop computers featuring Intel processors and Intel motherboards. If you are looking for the home or office - if you are a professional or a student - at RJ Higgison Computers you can find and buy a value PC for you. Laptops, Notebooks and PC Desktop Computers. Whether you are looking to replace that desktop, or you need a reliable portable solution, RJ Higgison Computers offers popular pre-designed systems - or you can design your own custom configurations.

At work, home or play, RJ Higgison Computers has what you need! Upgrade from that old slow system that is holding you back. All RJ Higgison Computers systems are expandable! You have the ability to upgrade and expand later! So, enjoy the ability to get exactly what you want at a value. That is what RJ Higgison Computers offers you! Order a RJ Higgison Computers Custom Computer or Network Ready Workstation to help:

  • Students raise their grades!
  • Home Users access the Internet!
  • Computer Game Enthusiasts play harder and faster!
  • Home Business Owners manage their business!
  • Office Workers network and be more productive!
  • Graphic Artists produce high-end graphics!

All RJ Higgison Computers computer systems are Internet Ready and Network Ready - But more importantly, they are ready for you!

Other Products

Accessories? Components? Software? No Problem!

Need more RAM? Another laptop battery? How about a 56K Modem, or maybe you want to build a wireless network?

We have all the add on's, enhancements and upgrades for your computer!

Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to check back with us in the future, we are constantly changing and adding new deals on all our computer systems and related products.

Package Deals

Great packages ideal for first time computer users looking for a complete package without having to pay a big premium.

Some packages include printers, others might include CD Writers and DVD players.

Depending on your budget and intended use we should have a package that's right for you!

Call Bob for a quote 0418 491 775

Just the box

If you already have a monitor and all you want is to upgrade your existing computer then ask about just upgrading the tower!

Note: Monitors are not included with these computers.


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